The breath-taking islands of the Maldives are a perfect location for renewing your wedding vows

Vow Renewals in the Maldives

From the moment you sink your toes into the pristine sand and look out over the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon, you know that you have arrived in paradise!

The Maldives are truly amazing – hundreds of small islands in the warm Indian Ocean waters, many of which house just one hotel that is waiting for your arrival.

A Robinson Crusoe island getaway with some of the worlds leading hotels providing you with a picture-perfect location to tell each other how much you still love each other and to make new vows for your future.

Stay in a gorgeous beachfront villa where you step out of your room and straight on to your own stretch of powder sand beach or of course treat yourselves to an overwater villa experience that has to be on most people’s bucket lists.

Maldives Vow Renewal Packages

A late afternoon ceremony on a deserted stretch of beach or even on your own sandbank, a glass of bubbly whilst the sun sets and a private dining experience to round off a very special day. Invite your friends and family or just escape on your own for your very special Maldives renewal of vows celebration.

Luxury Dream Holidays have a very special relationship with lots of hotels and we are always pleased to be able to offer a few little extras for our couples to help you celebrate.

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