Discover the Indian Ocean

The turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, coupled with white sand beaches and coconut palms, provide a paradise lost location for any occasion.

From the luxurious island of Mauritius, the lush tropical islands of the Seychelles and the stunning Maldives with its array of individual islands, the Indian Ocean really is somewhere to celebrate a special time in your life or to treat yourself to a well-earned luxury holiday. One thing you are always guaranteed is a warm welcome, a big smile & an excellent standard of cuisine and service.

We know everything there is to know about this part of the world and offer everything from a single stay in the most perfect hotels through to island hopping and adventure tours. If we don’t feature it then to be honest, it’s not worth going to!


South of the equator and just below Madagascar, Mauritius offers paradise beaches coupled with culture and things to do.

Just 40 miles by 25 miles, this gorgeous island provides up market, all year-round paradise for tourists who are particularly attracted to its lengthy stretches of desert-island beaches, where some of the world's best hotels are situated. This one time French colony, won by the British in 1810, gained liberty in 1968 and became a republic, incorporating the island of Rodrigues. Today it is still a sugar-producing island with much of the countryside given over to fertile cane fields and of course with that comes the production of fine rum. However, it also has a big textile industry and now of course attracts tourists looking to leave their busy life behind them and soak up the Mauritius sunshine and hospitality for a few weeks every year!

For those of you who want more than just a beach you can zipwire across the Black River Gorges, quad bike through the nature reserve, swim with the Dolphins or explore Port Louis with its markets, designer shops and history.

Mauritius is a fantastic fusion of cultures and religions and they have a fair number of public holidays throughout the year – all of which we know about and can make sure that your special occasion is not affected by these.  All cultures are celebrated but the hotels put an emphasis on Christmas and the western New Year which is a great time to visit.

We offer a full concierge service whilst you are in Mauritius, pre-booking and arranging anything you may wish to do whilst you are on the island. We have all been there many times and are happy to share our knowledge of the island to provide you with everything you need.

With its sub-tropical climate, Mauritius is warm all year round, so there really is no best time to travel. Average temperatures rarely drop below 24 degrees Celsius, and rainfall tends to fall in short and sharp showers. However, they do have three weather seasons as follows:

  • January to April – The hottest and most humid time of the year with temperatures in the low 30’s. Rainfall tends to be in heavy and short-lived showers with tail winds from anti-cyclones occurring occasionally around February.
  • May to August – Cooler months in general, although day time temperatures remain warm at around 25C on average, ideal for children and those who prefer less humid climate. Due to east coast trade winds, the west coast of Mauritius is a couple of degrees warmer than the east at this time.
  • September – December – Traditionally a great time to visit Mauritius, the temperatures are warmer between 27C and 30C and humidity is not at its peak.

Although a tropical island, Mauritius does not have many medical issues to worry you. Travelling from the UK there are no compulsory inoculations if you have not travelled to any high-risk countries in the past months. With all our destinations we ask you to check with your local surgery or with the World Health Organisation for the latest requirements.

For details of entry requirements for Mauritius we recommend that you check on the official GOV.UK website.

Our recommendations

Some ideas of things for you to do whilst you are here – we have lots more tips and hidden treasures to share with you!

  • Have the flexibility of exploring the island in your own way and hire a driver for the day.
  • Swim with the Dolphins in their natural environment – not Disney style!
  • Eat chicken wings and drink beer with the locals at the Lambic Beer Bar in Port Louis – you can even visit their microbrewery!
  • Don’t just stay on the beach, Zip wire across the Black Rover Gorges or quad bike through the nature reserve for a great adventure day
  • After a long flight, treat yourself to a VIP arrival experience and go straight from the aircraft to a private lounge and wait for your bags to be brought to you – you clear immigration here too, so not queueing just sit and relax with a glass of bubbly!
  • Take to the skies and view the spectacular illusion of Mauritius’s underwater waterfall.


Imagine private islands with the whitest softest sand fringed by crystal blue waters.

Arriving by speedboat or sea plane it is all so stunningly beautiful. Like tiny teardrops in a turquoise lagoon you cannot help but be dazzled by its natural beauty. The Maldives has to be the ultimate luxury island escape.

The underwater world here has been the subject of countless documentaries – the highlight perhaps being the chance to drift alongside manta rays (best seen between June and October). Many of the islands are surrounded by wonderful coral reefs, often with fantastic marine life just moments from the shore. So, if an all-day diving trip isn’t for you, look out for hotels which have a house reef accessible directly from the beach. If you prefer to stay dry and still experience the seas, there’s an underwater spa, underwater music club and underwater restaurant, all found on different islands. 

The choice of accommodation in the Maldives is impressively diverse – from tiny hideaways with just a handful of rooms to larger, all-inclusive resorts with abundant facilities; authentic, rustic retreats to cool and contemporary hotels; and simple beachfront bungalows to the most exclusive overwater villas. Here we can take you to the best of the best, where exclusive villas come with private butlers and super secluded water villas can only be reached by boat. The good thing is that we know them all and are happy to guide you to the island of your dreams.

It's no surprise that the Maldives is a favourite with honeymooners - romantic candlelit dinners under starry skies, exclusive accommodation and palm-fringed beaches come as standard.

Straddling the equator, temperatures in the Maldives stay at a wonderfully warm 25-30°C year-round and only drop a few degrees at night. There’s an average of 8 hours of sunshine every day and the water temperature barely falls below 25°C. There are distinct wet and dry seasons; peak season is between December and April when it’s drier, hotter and less windy. Most travellers see this as the best time to go, but there are other factors to consider when choosing the time of year to travel here – like when to see specific marine life and when you’ll find the best value offers. May to July and September to November tend to have higher rainfall and some cloud, but still see plenty of sunshine amid short downpours.

Our recommendations

Some ideas of things for you to do whilst you are here – we have lots more tips and hidden treasures to share with you!

  • Make sure you experience a sunset cruise on a local Dhoni boat
  • Have a luxury picnic lunch on your own deserted sandbank
  • Snorkel or dive as much as you can during your stay – a trip to Han Faru Bay, the largest marine feeding station in the world (protected by UNESCO) is quite unbelievable.
  • Try the traditional Maldivian breakfast dish of Mas Huni – finely chopped Tuna, onions, coconut and chilli will certain wake up your taste buds!
  • Have dinner or spa treatments under water in the most amazing glass rooms – we know just where you need to stay to experience this.


The Seychelles Islands are surrounded by coral reefs and white sand beaches. Pure paradise and a perfect location to unwind.

It’s hard to imagine how beautiful this setting is. Mahe is without question one of the most beautiful and spectacular places. The largest of the Seychelle Islands, this long, narrow, unevenly shaped island measures roughly 16 by 8 miles, very lush and mountainous with a striking coastline of large granite boulders punctuated with picture-perfect, palm-fringed beaches of fine white sand. The island's highest point, Morne Seychellois, soars to almost 3,000 ft above sea level, its top often shrouded by light cloud.

Praslin is the second largest of the Seychelles, but by any standards is still small at 7.5 by 3 miles. It is as close as you’ll come to an idyllic, unspoilt tropical paradise with exquisite, sandy, palm-fringed beaches, coral reefs and clear waters of changing shades of blue. Praslin is not as mountainous as Mahe, but has similar granite outcrops, red earth and lush tropical vegetation. There is a thick, unique palm forest in the centre of the island called the Vallee de Mai National Park. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stretching over 150 acres. The park is home to the rare black parrot, as well as vanilla orchids and the renowned coco-de-mer palm.

Within a stone's throw is the postcard perfect La Digue is the smallest of the three main inhabited islands, with turquoise waters, diamond-white beaches, emerald green hills and a relaxed island vibe thanks to its lack of surfaced roads and motorised transport - the perfect Robinson Crusoe experience.

Island hopping is a great way of seeing the pristine miniature worlds of the Seychelles' outer islands, often untouched habitats for many species of wildlife and unparalleled opportunities for sailing, fishing and diving in places where few have gone before. The most northerly island in the Seychelles is Bird Island, a wonderful slice of paradise that is home to populations of tropical birds and an extraordinarily rich marine life, including Hawksbill and Green turtles, dolphins and even the occasional whale - perfect for nature lovers and for a few nights stay. 45km from Bird Island you will find Denis Island. Arriving by light aircraft onto its own grass airstrip, this exclusive private island is a stunning retreat featuring 5 Star lodges, gourmet cuisine and excellent facilities, ideal for a blissful romantic escape.

With its warm tropical climate and temperatures rarely falling below 24C or rising above 32C, you can visit the Seychelles all year-round. However, there are certain points throughout the year when conditions are best for spotting wildlife or avoiding high rain seasons.

What are conditions like through the year?

  • November - February – Although high winds and thunderstorms are rare, heavier rain tends to fall mid-December to mid-January, with heavier showers extending from November to February

The Trade Winds:

  • March- October – The Northwest trade winds create calm oceans and warm tropical weather. October is a great time of year for scuba diving, witnessing the bird migration and catching sight of whale sharks and hawksbill turtles nesting.
  • September- May – The Southeast trade winds create choppy seas and drier and cooler weather conditions. But this is a great time to visit to spot nesting of Sooty Terns and enjoy hiking trails.

Although tropical islands, the Seychelles does not have many medical issues to worry you. Travelling from the UK there are no compulsory inoculations if you have not travelled to any high-risk countries in the past months. Will all our destinations we ask you to check with your local surgery or with the World Health Organisation for the latest requirements. 

For details of entry requirement for the Seychelles we recommend that you check on the official GOV.UK website.

Our recommendations

Some ideas of things for you to do whilst you are here – we have lots more tips and hidden treasures to share with you!

  • Island hop in the Seychelles, to some of the world’s most beautiful locations – bird Island is a must!
  • Visit the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the island of Praslin, said to be the original Garden of Eden!
  • The Seychelles is the only place in the world you can find wild giant tortoises outside of the Galapagos – a trip to Curieuse Island will get you up close and personal with them.
  • Order lunch at the Bonbon Plume on Anse Lazio beach and go for a swim whilst you wait for it to be cooked!